5 things you can do to keep your Pharmacy POS System secure

Are your POS systems secure? If this is a topic that makes you uncomfortable, or you tend to push to the side assuming a data breach won’t happen to you, now’s the time to integrate some better habits. Below are 5 simple things you can integrate into your system workflow that will keep your pharmacy software secure and protected.

1. Perform regular Windows Updates

With the rise in cyber crime, the older your Windows Operating System is, the more time hackers have had to figure out how to wiggle their way into your system and cause havoc. Upgrading Windows will ensure that you have the latest and most up to date defense against malware.

2. Create secure passwords and update them monthly

You’d be surprised how often this one gets overlooked. It is absolutely critical that you create secure passwords for your systems and computer logins. A mix of characters, symbols and numbers in different cases. Do not duplicate these passwords across systems – if one of breached then all of them will be. We also recommend setting a calendar reminder monthly to update your passwords for added protection.

3. Take advantage of POSitec’s SecureData feature

POSitec’s SecureData integration, is an affordable automated daily back up for your POS software. These backups are kept securely offsite, so that in the event of a breach you could have your systems back up and running quickly, resulting in less down time. Even if you are doing your own backups, offsite backups are peace of mind for you and your business.

4. General Antivirus Software

Antivirus protection for your computer systems is another absolute must. Make sure your antivirus software is also updated regularly and you are paying attention to any notifications of perceived threats.

5. Utilize your POS support team!

POSitec’s support team has a unique blend of pharmacy-industry and technical experience, making us your go-to resource for any questions or concerns. If you think your system may be experiencing a breach or things aren’t running as they should be, reach out to our support team today and we’ll help you resolve the issue.