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Introducing POSitec’s latest innovation for your retail pharmacy POS system integrations: self checkout, made easy. Engineered by our expert technologists, POSitec’s powerful self checkout system is compatible POSitec Finestra POS.


This slick, clean user interface makes the customer checkout experience simple and efficient. Add self checkout to your existing POSitec Finestra system or if you’re new to POSitec Solutions contact us today for a comprehensive quote to streamline your retail pharmacy POS.


$8,995.00* per unit 

*plus applicable taxes

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product highlights

the power of positec

  • Integration with select merchant services providers

  • Integrative and easy to use

  • Customizable graphics to advertise store events

  • Fast and convenient

  • Reduce the chance for "line ups" - time saver for customers

  • One cashier can oversee multiple self checkouts to reduce labour costs

  • Cashier can move transactions to a till if required

  • Saves money on staffing costs

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How it Works

Our dedicated team of retail pharmacy POS experts will work with you on a deployment plan for your new self checkout system. Streamline your checkout experience and save on employee labour costs with this innovative and affordable solution.

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    Package Includes:
    -Self Checkout Unit with Locking Cabinet
    -Business PC
    -Integrated 2D Scanner
    -Integrated Receipt Printer
    -Touch Screen Monitor

    On-Site Installation and Setup included

    Height 79” Width 42” Depth 21”
    Electrical and accessible ethernet connection required.

    Total Cost Per Unit: $8,995.00 (plus applicable taxes)
    Monthly Licensing Fee Per Unit: $49.95/month

    • Self Checkout Units are made in batch orders, lead times may vary.

    • Expect 4-6 weeks depending on availability.

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