Point of Sale Solutions for Canadian Pharmacies

For Any Size of Retail Pharmacy

Pharmacies come in all sizes and POSitec Solutions has different Point of Sale systems to meet the needs of every business. From a one cash retail environment to a multi-cash full-service store, our POS systems provide everything your business will need to manage inventory, integrate with pharmacy software, national banner programs, e-commerce, wholesalers, and payment processors. Point of Sale software is designed to improve your business, operationally and financially and enhance your customer’s experience in your store.

Customers are looking for quick and hassle-free shopping experiences as their, or lack of, becomes the driver of their retail decisions. POSitec Solutions POS software has what you need today but also looks to grow with you and your business as the landscape changes and adaptions need to be made. POS will help build loyalty and ensure the long-term viability of your business.

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As POSitec’s superior POS system, FINESTRA POS software is designed for a full-service retail pharmacy. Your vibrant, thriving business will benefit from this advanced program, which has all the tools you need to increase efficiency and grow profits.

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This “POS-in-a-Box” system is designed for a small retail pharmacy. It is easy to install and is a user-friendly Windows based product.

Starting from $2295

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Explore Enterprise Head office POS Solutions that allow you to leverage the Internet to link your internal resources across your entire organization. We also have legacy POS products such as Margin*Plus, a Linux-based POS platform.

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