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Our experienced team of technology, retail management and customer service specialists are committed to delivering professional, high quality solutions for your Business's Point-of-Sale requirements with a positive, friendly attitude. We understand how important your business is and how it works. Our trainers and support personnel have comprehensive backgrounds in pharmacy and retail. We’re devoted to helping you with the right operations and technology strategies needed to grow your successful business in a highly competitive industry.

Our Leadership Team

  • Mark Dunlop

    President & CEO

    Mark Dunlop, President &CEO joined POSitec in 2016 bringing with him a 25-year career in Point-of-Sale. Over the past 8 years, he has been instrumental in driving sales, increasing profitability and growing POSitec Solutions to over 1000 stores in Canada. Having achieved and surpassed his 5-year strategic goal for POSitec Solutions, it was evident that it was time to have an even greater interest in the success of the company. In 2022, Mark entered into a partnership with Deb & Brian Joel, POSitec Solutions’ founding owners. In his new role as an Owner, Mark continues to drive innovation and foster relationships with stakeholders. His strong leadership and extensive experience, knowledge and strategic vision provide his team the drive and desire to succeed today, tomorrow and beyond.
    Mark enjoys spending his leisure time travelling and coaching competitive girls’ softball, most recently winning a gold medal with team BC at the Canada Summer Games that was hosted in Niagara Falls.

  • Brian Joel

    Executive Chair

    Brian Joel, Executive Chair, has successfully grown POSitec Solutions into a multimillion dollar business computer software and development company in a span of 25 years. What began as a start-up in his home has parlayed into a Point-of-Sale company providing business solutions to 900+ retail businesses in Canada. Brian prides himself on POSitec’s commitment to consistently providing the best POS retail pharmacy product and service in Canada. Through partnerships with major Retail Drug Stores and Head Offices, Hardware Manufacturers, Merchant Services Companies and Wholesalers, Brian has established POSitec Solutions as a strong competitor in the POS industry. Brian sits on the Board of Directors of the Kinsmen Lodge and is an active volunteer in his church. His commitment to health and wellness is evident by his completion of the Boston Marathon and on-going participation in local runs.

    Brian holds a BBA from Simon Fraser University.
  • Jennifer Werhun

    General Manager

    Jennifer Werhun, General Manager joined POSitec Solutions in 2000 as a Customer Support Representative and has continued to use her passion for all aspects of Point-of-Sale to work in numerous capacities. Jennifer was instrumental in the development of exceptional store and on-line training for Finestra and Margin*Plus customers, differentiating POSitec from its competitors. In 2023 she was asked to step in and do all three management positions as one manager was on maternity leave and the other had retired. In true Jennifer fashion, she rose to the challenge and did an outstanding job!
    2023 allowed her to analyze the way we do business and look for opportunities to streamline our systems and procedures ensuring that we continue to provide a customer experience beyond expectations. The result was the creation of a three-pronged approach to client services – Deployment Services, Onboarding Support and Ongoing Client Support. As Jennifer says…”it takes a team” and this approach will ensure that her team work cohesively and collectively to secure the long-term viability of POSitec Solutions Inc.
    Jennifer loves to garden but most especially enjoys being an Aquarist and caring for her collection of salt water fish. In her spare time, Jennifer volunteers as the coordinator for the Junior Curling and Adult Learn to Curl leagues in Langley BC.
  • Alex Joel

    Deployment Services Manager

    Meet Alex Bayer, Deployment Services Manager at Team POSitec! Alex joined POSitec Solutions in 2010 as part of our Customer Support Service team. Although her experience was not in IT, her ability to train and provide support to customers was quickly recognized, and during her tenure at POSitec Solutions she was working towards a Tier 2 Customer Support role. In 2016, Alex decided she wanted to advance further to an enhanced technical support role and accepted a position at a large managed IT services company focusing on managing infrastructure for clients.

    Over the next 4 years, Alex advanced through various roles in technical support and in 2019 was promoted to Management in a Team Lead role. Her hard work and dedication had paid off and she had acquired the skills to train, integrate and manage a team of employees! Throughout her career, she stayed in touch with connections she made at POSitec. When an opportunity came up for a Deployment Services Manager position, she was excited to accept a new challenge and work with the POSitec Team again.

    Alex enjoys Point of Sale technology because it intrigues her. It continually evolves and never remains the same. Learning new things is a passion for Alex and working in this fast-paced environment gives her the opportunity to do just that.

    When Alex is not working, she is spending time with her 2 beautiful children and enjoying her love of photography. Alex also has a passion for horses. She has been riding a Canadian Horse named Lucy for about 8 years, even taking her to competitions. Her passion extends to the protection of the Canadian horse breed and she sits on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Horse Rescue & Re-Homing Society working to ensure the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of the Canadian National Horse-The Canadian.
  • Anita Breeze


    Anita Breeze, Controller, is one of the first employees of POSitec Solutions. With a career spanning 25 years, she has excelled in her role as the individual responsible for the fiscal health of POSitec. Her pride and commitment to POSitec has remained steadfast while navigating the growth of the company. Anita, as controller, is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the Corporate Head Office, including Human Resources, Payroll and Financial Reporting to the shareholders.

    Anita is an avid gardener who loves her Japanese Maples for which she collects over 30 varieties.

Why POSitec?

We believe in the icare philosophy.

We believe in the icare philosophy. As a result of a personal commitment of every POSitec employee to Cooperation and Accountability, combined with a focus on Respect for our customers and each other, we will be able to Execute our promise to consistently deliver the best POS product and service experience possible.

Our commitment to the ongoing development of our products and services ensure a POSitive customer experience for you, our customer and in turn, for YOUR customers.

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