Finestra Health Centre Release Updates

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Finestra HC V2023.2.160

March 2024

Release Highlights

  • New Sales Talkers: BuyX-Get-One (BOGO, B2GO)
    Sale Talkers for BOGO, B2GO rules adjusted to use rule type to identify the rule.
  • Cash Register, Reprint Receipt: Merchant Copy
    Added the ability to reprint the Merchant Copy of a customer receipt.
  • Self Checkout: Customer Based Loyalty
    Added support for Customer Based Loyalty at Self Checkout.
  • Takes 15 - 30 minutes 1

Takes 15 - 30 minutes

  • Get the Software Fixes Now 1

Get the Software Fixes Now

  • Start Using the New Developed Features 1

Start Using the New Developed Features

How to install

Please note that this process can take up to 30 minutes to complete. We recommend running the update outside of store hours.

The Finestra HC Version Release must be completed on your Server, Host Till or Host Workstation. If no one at your store has access to your server due to your Store Policy, please email and advise them your store does not have access.

  • 1. Exit Finestra HC on all computers

    To update your Finestra HC Version, you MUST exit Finestra HC on all Cash Registers and Workstations.

  • 2. Open File Explorer

    From the Server or Host till Computer’s Desktop open File Explorer, which can be found on your task bar.

  • 3. Click "this PC"

    Navigate to This PC on the left side of your file explorer window

  • 4. Select release folder from drive

    Browse to the D:\Psi\Mpos\Release folder or R:\Mpos\Release folder

  • 5. Update Finestra HC program

    Double-click the Update Finestra HC Program, at the “User Account Control” prompt, select YES

  • 6. Confirm Version

    Confirm the Available Versions field is set to FHC_2023.2.160 (or higher) then select Start.

If the system is unable to complete the upgrade for any reason, it will automatically roll itself back and you will get a prompt to contact POSitec Customer Support. You are still able to operate your system completely. POSitec Customer Support will be required to review why the upgrade did not occur. Please email or call 1.800.667.4605 ext. #1 on the next business day.

NOTE: It is important that you review the Finestra HC Release Notes prior to installing this current version. They can be found here: Finestra HC v2023.2.160 - Release Notes.

If you have any questions, please contact POSitec Customer Support at 1-800-667-4605 ext. #1