Are you looking for a way to organize and monitor the deliveries for your store? With our new Delivery Module, deliveries and delivery tracking can be at your fingertips and is as easy as 1, 2 & 3!

  1. From your Finestra or FHC POS system, you are able to select purchases to be delivered to customers.
  2. In the Web Delivery Module, you can then schedule and assign deliveries to drivers.
  3. Accessing the Driver Delivery Module the driver can review and complete the delivery using any phone or device. The store is able to monitor the delivery at the same time through the Web Delivery Module.

It’s affordable. It’s convenient. It updates in Real Time between the devices!


What Customers are Saying

“The Delivery module from Positec Solutions has been a great addition to our store. It is functional, simple to use and helps keep us organized at store level as well as keeping our delivery driver organized. For stores who have regular deliveries whether it’s due to an online shopping platform or community delivery of prescriptions, I would recommend this.”

Brandon Lecours
Store Manager – Paul’s Pharmasave – Manotick, Ontario


How the new delivery module works:

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