Expired Warranties

Have you reviewed your current inventory of hardware and its warranty status? Ensuring the safety and security of your store’s systems should be a top priority.

At POSitec Solutions Inc. we maintain records of warranty expiration dates and our records indicate that there are stores that have expired warranties (2015 or older) on some of their hardware.  Those stores MAY be vulnerable to attacks from Ransomware or other viruses. There have been a number of stores that have experienced attacks on their servers and tills in the past few months. While we were able to assist in getting the store operational as quick as possible, it did result in downtime for both the store and the customers.

Additionally, if your store is utilizing the Microsoft XP Operating System, it is important to note that Microsoft is no longer addressing security vulnerabilities for XP. If you continue to use this operating system, your store may be at risk.

Be proactive and avoid costly downtime. Reach out to us to get more information about your hardware and expired warranties, avoiding security threats, and how your store can have the most up to date hardware and software solutions.