Finestra v6.8 General Release

As we continue to find ways to improve and new features to add to Finestra, it highlights the importance of a continuous and ongoing development cycle. At POSitec we’re always watching the Retail Pharmacy market for new ideas, as well as listening to our loyal customers for great insight into how to make the software even better.

With this release, a new Shelf Label and Sale Talker program is now available for all Finestra clients! We’ve completely rewritten these programs to give you the flexibility to produce professional labels and talkers for your Pharmacy. Clearly communicate your pricing to your customers with a wide variety of sizes and templates to suit your needs. We’ve also enhanced the software to better support the Pharmasave Rewards program as well as Pharmachoice Perks, and added some new auditing functionality in the Product File. Release Notes are available to outline the details of this new version.

Our next release is scheduled for Spring 2018 and will include enhancements to better support integration with various Vendors, including new catalogue import options and 2 additional wholesale vendors for Electronic Ordering/Receiving.