How do I set up an online retail pharmacy? Top 10 questions, answered.

More businesses are moving online; good customer service is only becoming more reliant on an accessible online presence; and having or not having an eCommerce platform can make, or break, your business. But how do you go about setting up an online retail pharmacy?

With POSitec’s new eCommerce integration, moving online has never been easier and, luckily for you, we want to help you every step of the way – starting now. Here are our top 10 questions about starting an online retail pharmacy, answered.

1. Can I sell all my products online?

Absolutely, whatever is in your product inventory can be added onto your eCommerce platform and managed through your integrated POS system. POSitec’s eCommerce packages include training and data entry, so you and your staff will know how to enter products, manage and process inventory on your online store.

2. Do I have to enter my online product inventory separately?

No, when you integrate your POS with your eCommerce store, you can handle both your physical and online store from one location.

3. Will I be able to include my pharmacy’s brand into my site?

When you choose to build an online pharmacy with one of POSitec’s eCommerce packages, you are given the opportunity to easily customize colours, imagery, text, and fonts. Your online presence should match your physical store so that both are easily recognizable by your customers.

4. Will my website work on mobile devices and be responsive?

With most people using their phones as their primary browsers, having a site that is mobile-friendly is imperative to having good online customer service. Both of POSitec’s eCommerce pharmacy packages are thoughtfully designed by both pharmacy and web design industry experts to provide mobile-friendly user experiences.

5. Will I be able to edit my online store content?

We want you to be able to take ownership and have the flexibility of your online store. POSitec’s eCommerce sites are designed to be editable through an easy-to-use dashboard and to ensure comfort with the process we will provide how-to training.

6. Where do I find someone to design and develop my online pharmacy?

Normally, you would have to go through the process of finding, negotiating a contract, and hiring a web designer and developer. With POSitec’s eCommerce packages, you get the reassurance of working with experienced developers and designers without the hassle of trying to find someone yourself.

7. If I have a current domain name, can I keep it?

Yes! If you have your login access to where your domain was purchased, you will be able to keep your current domain name.

8. How long does it take to create an online pharmacy?

Typically, setting up a new website with eCommerce can take up to four months. In comparison, we estimate that POSitec’s basic eCommerce package will take about three weeks and our premium package about 6 weeks.

9. Can I add an eCommerce integration to my current website?

Yes! If your site is mobile-friendly and well-designed, then eCommerce can easily be integrated into your current site. If your site needs a bit of a revamp, it might be a better investment to check out our premium eCommerce package, which includes a new website with eCommerce integration. A well-designed, user-friendly site will increase your sales and decrease the chances that your customer will get frustrated and stop in the middle of their buying process.

10. What is the first step to setting up an online retail pharmacy with POSitec Solutions?

Contact one of our dedicated team members and they will be happy to provide you with all the information you will need to get you on the path to eCommerce for your store!