Importance of 24/7 Support for your Canadian Pharmacy’s POS

If you’re the owner of a Canadian pharmacy or are having an issue with your point-of-sale system, you know support is paramount to the success of your day-to-day business. At POSitec Solutions, we believe in the power of technology, but understand the value of human-centered support. That’s why POSitec offers 24/7 support with your monthly subscription.

Why is 24/7 support important for POS? Here are some reasons why:

Allows your pharmacy to process sales and inventory management operations

24/7 support from POSitec Solutions gives Canadian pharmacies peace of mind with processing sales and inventory management operations. Similarly, if you are looking to transition your pharmacy POS, having support on deck to assist along the way will make for a smooth transition.

You focus on your pharmacy, we’ll focus on the POS technology

Ensuring that your business feels supported with your point-of-sale system, POSitec Solutions provides resources at your fingertips with your monthly subscription. As a new or well-established Canadian pharmacy, you want a product you can trust, backed by experienced and friendly customer support specialists that can assist you.

A better pharmacy experience for your customers

As all retail pharmacies interact and serve customers on a daily basis, efficiency is key. Customers expect instant service as soon as they step into the pharmacy so if there is an issue with your point-of-sale system, we’re here to make sure it is resolved as soon as possible.

With POSitec Solutions’ monthly subscription, receive access to 24/7 support from customer support specialists through readily available training videos and modules, email, online forms and even a phone call if that is the most convenient for you. Our training videos can be accessed through POSitec Portal or for first time Finestra Health Centre users, our POSilearning education platform is the perfect onboarding support tool.