Lenovo Data Center Certification Completed

Congratulations to our Deployment Services Team – Danny, Evan and Geet on their recent completion of the Lenovo Data Center Sales Certification. The team worked hard and completed the time sensitive examination well under the allotted time achieving an outstanding passing grade.

This exam is intended for individuals with over 6 months experience with Lenovo data center. With this certification our professional technicians work as a Lenovo internal seller or business partner seller. They can apply the knowledge and expertise they acquired through the training certification to understand how to best service our customers with the correct components to meet their application requirements. Knowing and understanding the Lenovo data center story will help them have professional and consultative business conversations with customers looking for assistance with their hardware and storage needs.

Please join us in congratulating them on their outstanding achievement and their continued support of POSitec Solutions Inc. and providing our customers with service beyond their expectation. What a great team!!