New to the POSitec Solutions lineup: POSitouch Mobile Inventory Management.

What is POSitouch?

POSitouch is a mobile Inventory Management Software by POSitec Solutions that interfaces with Finestra and Finestra HC Point of Sale. POSitouch handles all inventory duties through one platform and can be accessed on any Android device that is connected to an existing POS system by POSitec Solutions. 

The easy accessibility of this system allows store staff to perform inventory tasks such as ordering, receiving, price and label management, and product and group maintenance, all while still being able to tend to the customers on the sales floor. 

The POSitouch system has finally launched and we cannot wait for your pharmacy to start using your new mobile inventory management software – Finestra in the palm of your hand! 


The main highlights of the POSitec Solutions POSitouch Inventory Management System that make it extra efficient are the wireless access to POS data, the ability to load onto an Android device, and the ability to perform product maintenance on the sales floor. All of these features are included for only $9.95 a month!

The POSitouch system has wireless access to Finestra and Finestra HC data and the software can be downloaded onto any Android device such as a phone or tablet. This allows you the ease of access to information about the products in your store at any given point. This tool makes it easy for you to navigate around your store and assist customers on the spot. Having your inventory management system mobile will increase efficiency in your store!. 



POSitouch has several modules within its inventory management software such as inventory management, price management, product maintenance, group maintenance, label management, and purchasing and receiving. 


Within Inventory Management, there is a new feature allowing you to adjust on hand for individual items in the store. Along with this, there is also the ability to process store inventory costs either fully or partially. 

Price Management has the features of being able to manually put an item on a sale and to change the set retail price to something else in cases of short-term and long-term sales promotions, price increases, or price decreases.


Product Maintenance is now introducing the new feature of being able to create and add new items to your inventory selection. Along with this, you can continue having the ability to edit the description of products, add items to an event, change the fine line, and view the sales statistics and performance behind the products in your store.


With Group Maintenance, you can continue to group a set of items together to then add on sale at the same time, along with having the ability to easily add or delete products from these groups at any given time. 


Label Management continues to allow you to add labels to a queue for printing while also easily allowing you to change the quantity needed of a label ahead of printing.


With Purchasing and Receiving, there is a new feature of having the ability to scan items into a list, then proceed and send the list to either create a purchase order or for receiving a document. 


How it works


Three easy steps will get your POSitouch software ready to use. We have a dedicated team of pharmacy specific retail POS experts that are ready to help you with your installation should you need it. The five simple steps are as follow:


Step 1: Contact POSitec Solutions to chat with one of our product specialists and place your order

Step 2: Download APP

Step 3: Go live with your new POSitouch Inventory Management Software and enjoy the efficiency and simplicity of the new system for your retail store. 


Need help deciding what is most important to your business or are ready to transition to a POSitec POS system for your Canadian Pharmacy call POSitec at 1.800.667.4605 ext.4 or email directly at