The Importance of POS Customer Loyalty Programs 2022

Do you know that customer loyalty programs are a proven method of growing your business and increasing your profitability? Customers who are already happy to shop in your store are more likely to continue buying and are keen to purchase new products, when your store offers a loyalty program.

Here are some of the key benefits to having a point-of-sale loyalty program for your Canadian retail pharmacy:

  1. It can help your business track customers’ buying patterns and offer personalized deals to customers based on their purchase histories and buying trends.

  2. It allows your store to provide appropriate rewards such as cashback, bonus points and gift-with purchase.

  3. You can appeal to millennials who are found to be likely to pay a premium if they are earning loyalty rewards.

  4. Most importantly…it can help increase sales and retain customers!!

Customers want a loyalty program that is simple to use and that is relevant to industry trends. The perceived value of the program must be worth the customer’s loyalty. Keep the program “fresh” and ensure that the customer experience is a good one. Having a loyalty program will not make up for bad customer service…

Use the data you collect to create a business plan. Analyze your demographics, traffic patterns and basket size. These key performing indicators (KPIs) are important when evaluating your loyalty program and what works and what doesn’t!

At POSitec Solutions Inc., both FINESTRA and Finestra Health Centre POS software include a loyalty program. Research told us that loyalty programs would be an integral part of the customer experience and with that knowledge and our on-going efforts to remain competitive in the world of POS, our design team developed our loyalty program with the goal of “ease of use”.

For stores that are part of a banner group, their loyalty program is a card-based program. The customer is provided a scannable card which pulls up the customer file at the time of the transaction and adds the rewards points. For stores not part of a banner loyalty program, it is a customer-based program. The cashier will manually pull up the customer file at the till to ensure that rewards are added. Either way, your customer benefits with rewards and your store benefits with continued customer loyalty. Remember…your customer’s loyalty is your most valuable asset!

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