Top 5 Reasons to Run Windows Updates for your POS System

In this technological world we live in, operating system updates such as Windows are a reality. Perhaps you get those pesky pop-ups that remind you that an update is available. And, you choose to “ignore” or “remind me later” because you are unsure about the cost or the safety of updating. However after reading below, you will realize that this is not the best habit for you to adopt as we outline 5 reasons you need to maintain your Windows software.

1. Enhance your security

With the rise in cyber crime, the older your Windows Operating System is, the more time hackers have had to figure out how to wiggle their way into your system and cause havoc. Upgrading Windows will ensure that you have the latest and most up to date defense against malware.

2. Keep your computer (and POS system) working

By keeping Windows up to date, it will help to ensure that your computer and POS system continue to operate as they should. Older versions of Windows operating systems do not support Finestra 7 and Finestra Health Centre. We know that bugs can/do occur, and they can affect the overall performance of your system and worse case scenario, cause a crash. Updating Windows on a regular basis when new updates are available helps reduce the chance of this happening and your store not being able to operate for hours or even days.

3. Who doesn’t like new features?

Security is important…no disputing that…but, taking advantage of new features and benefits to Windowsupdates can be fun and productive.  How often have you heard someone talk about a feature you were unaware of and that could have made your work easier…if only you had known!!

4. Windows support

If your business has an operating system from yesteryear and chooses not to regularly update, not only will you miss out on new features, but you could also lose vendor support. As Windows updates are released, the focus on older versions is shifted away and placed on the newer versions. And with time, the vendor may remove support altogether which Microsoft did in 2014 with XP and Office 2003.

5. No cost

Windows updates are available at no cost to the user. One piece of advice – do your updates outside of office hours to avoid interference with the operation of your POS system. Schedule a time through the pop-up window or in your computer settings, choose to auto-update.