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5 Spring Must-Haves For Your Canadian Pharmacy POS System

Now that we are officially into the Spring season, you may be looking to refresh your POS system for your Canadian retail pharmacy. Check out the 5 must-haves POSitec Solutions offers for your Canadian pharmacy point-of-sale system! You might find some features missing from your current POS system as you discover what POSitec Solutions offers […]


Why you should choose POSitec’s eCommerce Solutions for your Canadian pharmacy

If you are a Canadian pharmacy in need of an eCommerce solution, you may be looking around for something that fits your specific needs. Did you know that POSitec Solutions offers ready-made online stores specifically designed by pharmacy professionals? If you already have POSitec’s Finestra or Finestra HC point-of-sale, you can easily integrate your POS […]

POSitec's point-of-sale (POS) system for pharmacies

2022 Canadian Pharmacy POS Trends

Looking for trending point-of-sale systems and technology to use in your Canadian pharmacy? POSitec Solutions has compiled a list of trends for the new year that can help your pharmacy reach optimal efficiency and grow profits.

How do I set up an online retail pharmacy? Top 10 questions, answered.

More businesses are moving online; good customer service is only becoming more reliant on an accessible online presence; and having or not having an eCommerce platform can make, or break, your business. But how do you go about setting up an online retail pharmacy? With POSitec’s new eCommerce integration, moving online has never been easier […]

5 tips for launching your independent pharmacy eCommerce website

Almost every business sector now relies heavily on the internet and eCommerce. Customers are looking for convenient ways to interact with their pharmacy and the number of people relying on services like delivery, curbside pickup, and online orders is only growing. For independent pharmacies that don’t have a solid, mobile-friendly, eCommerce platform – now is […]

Introducing eCommerce by POSitec Solutions

Ready-made online stores designed by Retail Pharmacy experts and backed by the power of POSitec Solutions.