What is the Best POS System for Pharmacies?

Are you beginning to notice that your current point-of-sale system is getting outdated or is unable to meet the needs of your current Canadian retail pharmacy? POSitec Solutions has a software solution that can help your pharmacy meet your business needs. Not only is the POS software designed to improve your business both operationally and […]


Why you’ll love POSitec’s Training Portal

POSitec may be a software company, but customer service is truly at the heart of what we do. Our technologies are best utilized when our clients feel empowered to use them, with simple interfaces, seamless updating and 5-star customer support, available 24/7 to be there when you need us most by phone or email. For […]


Integrated Payment Processing – The 5 W’s

Did you know that POSitec Solutions‘ Finestra and Finestra HC point-of-sale systems are fully integrated with payment processing? If you have a Canadian retail pharmacy, you will be excited to hear how easily our POS system integration can increase your store’s efficiency.

Hello Finestra POS Goodbye Margin Plus

Hello to Finestra POS & Goodbye to Margin Plus

In 1967 when the Beetles released their hit song Hello, Goodbye, were they trying to communicate paradoxical salutations? Perhaps they were foreshadowing, that 50+ years later, pharmacies would be saying out with the old and in with the new, or simply put, Hello, Goodbye to their point-of-sale system?

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5 Fall Must-Haves For Your Pharmacy POS system

As Canada’s favourite retail pharmacy POS provider, we’ve curated a list of this Fall’s POS must-haves. From marketing to eCommerce to data back-ups and training, up your store’s POS game with these incredible integrations designed to save you time and money.

How long does it take to transition to a new Pharmacy POS System?

Is your current POS system no longer providing all the features and benefits your business requires to operate efficiently? Transitioning to a Finestra or Finestra Health Centre point of sale system can take only 48 hours.

How the POSitec’s FINESTRA POS software has helped Fort Langley Pharmasave

Thank you Sukh and the team at Fort Langley Pharmasave for taking the time to tell us how POSitec’s FINESTRA POS software has helped your business! At POSitec, we believe in the power of customer service – which is why we invest heavily in customer training and 24/7 support to help Pharmacy owners like Sukh […]

What is Pharmacy POS? A Beginner’s Guide

Simply put, a point-of-sale system, or POS, is where your customer pays for your products or services. It serves as a central component of your business – the hub where inventory ordering & receiving, promotional program downloads and sales happen. Ease of buying and selling can make or break a sale. Our Finestra and Finestra […]

Protecting your POS data: top security tips for 2021

In today’s digital age protecting your POS data is important now more than ever. Creating good habits and systems within your Pharmacy front-line team will help mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities to your POS System and hardware.

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Welcome new stores – December 2020

We wanted to take this opportunity to welcome the following new stores to the POSitec Solutions family in December 202o and extend a “thank you” to all our existing customers. Our success is because of you and we are grateful for your business and continued support.